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Do your skin a favor, get an appointment with Joelle Ciocco

At the beginning of the summer, I had my first appointment with Loubna at the Joelle Ciocco Institute in Paris. Probably the best investment I made for my skin.

First, let me explain to you who Joelle Ciocco is. Joelle Ciocco is a French woman who has been working as an epidermologist for 30 years now. An epidermologist adapts and keeps the cutaneous Biodiversity balanced; The Epidermologist personalizes and reinforces a “High and Smart Cosmetology” shield. She developed her own line of cosmetics and you are not allowed to buy any product of her line. She gives you a prescription.

Her clients are celebs from all around the world. In the sitting room, you can be seated next to Marc Jacobs, Vuitton designer, Franca Sozzani, the Vogue Italy Editor-in-Chief, and many, many other famous names from the fashion industry. You can also find yourself sitting next to actors, TV celebs, tycoons, etc. The sitting room in itself is amazing!

You can choose to have an appointment with Joelle Ciocco herself or her assistants. Her assistants also take car of celebs. They are not second-zone epidermologists. On my side, I decided to trust Loubna. She has done an amazing job with my skin. Putting your skin in the hands of the Joelle Ciocco Institute is a bit more pricey than going to a dermatologist or a beauty institute but results are so amazing that this is totally worth it.

I frequently go to the Joelle Ciocco Institute because my skin which was oily had started to turn dry for months and there was noone able to give me back a soft skin. Loubna taught me a new way of taking care of my skin in the morning and at night and results have been visible just after a few days.

Here is the way I take care of my skin, even though this is a very personal protocol, I think this might be of some interest for you:
Morning protocol:
Sodium Bicarbonate

Night protocol:

Joelle Ciocco
8 place de la Madeleine
75008 Paris
Phone: + 33 (0) 1 42 60 58 80

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