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Losing weight with simple tips

Shedding a few pounds does not always require you to get a membership at a gym and drastically change your eating habits. Dropping a few pounds (above 10, please, get the help of a professional) might be achieved by changing just a few things in your lifestyle.
Here are 10 tips compiled by The Daily Mail that I briefly summarized and that you can learn more about by checking the article .
1 & 2 Start using smaller plates and bigger forks. This will help you reduce the amount of food you eat. This is a psychological trick.
3 Eating with a male companion. Women tend to eat less when they share a meal with males.
4 Read labels of what you eat. Being self-conscious of the calories you are about to eat helps you reduce the quantities.
5 Drinking 2 glasses of water prior to eating reduces the appetite.
6 Light at night has been found to be responsible for weight gain.
7 Make sure you do not have any candy/snacks in front of you at the office. Instead, have healthy food in front of you.
8 Be careful around friends. Try to hang out with people who have a healthy diet.
9 Friends are sometimes luckier than us when it comes to weight gain. Therefore, do not try to copy the eating habits of your skinny friends.
10 Paradoxically people who watch advertisements for exercise tend to eat more than those who don't.

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