The Marc Lièvremont effect

Freddie Mercury

Marc Lièvremont

For anyone who did not follow the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, Marc Lièvremont is the coach of the French squad.
Since this world cup, we have noticed in France the launch of a new trend for men...the mustache. Yes, unfortunately, the mustache is back in France. I find Marc Lièvremont handsome. He has a nice face and a pretty nice body thanks to his career in rugby as a professional player. But, please, this moustache is a fashion faux-pas. Even the French squad made fun of him at one of their daily meetings by comparing him to the late Freddie Mercury.
So, please, Marc, do to all women a favor. Tell men this mustache was just a joke and that there is nothing uglier for a man than a mustache.