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My hair routine to get beautiful hair

If like me, you color/bleach your hair, you have to take really good care of your hair. Choosing the right product is not easy. On my side, I chose 2 products that I would absolutely take with me on a desert island.
Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense This product has been recommended to me by every single hairdresser in Paris. This is considered as la crème de la crème. Kerastase is the professional line by L'Oreal. Regular price is 36 Euros but I get it at 24. I use it after every single shampoo. You apply it for 5 minutes before removing it. On my side, I apply it for at least an hour. Sometimes, I apply it all night long and remove it the following morning. The longer, the better.
Osis + Flatliner I use it to protect my hair from the heat. This way you can every day use your hairdryer or hairstraightener without fearing to ruin your hair. Osis is the professional line by Schwarzkopf. I do not know the price for this product. I get it at 9.60 Euros.

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