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Look 10 years younger in just 40 seconds! I found the Fountain of Youth!

When we hit the big 3-0, there are two ways of reacting. Either you try to comfort yourself by thinking of what older people always tell you such as the fact that turning 30 is a great experience. You feel better in your shoes than when you were 20. You have gained enough maturity and experience to fully enjoy life. Bla bla bla bla....or, the second reaction can be: It is so obvious I am older now. Before (when I was 18 to 29), I could party all night long, get back home & shower quickly and be just in time at work and be efficient all day. Now even RedBull Diet seems to have no effect on me. I am old. My body needs more time and sleep to recover. Jet lags have become something (much) harder to deal with. And, let us not speak about those ugly wrinkles appearing around my eyes whenever I laugh.
Fighting the aging signs might be a lost battle but we all want to get involved in that battle. We are ready to try every single new beauty cream on the market. To the cheapest to the most expensive ones. To the more natural ones to the weirdest ones (snake venom and placenta proteins are some of them).
There are mainly two problems that women face using those miracle beauty creams. 1) they want to see obvious change over the night aka look like they are 20 when they are 35. 2) Those creams might be effective but only in the long run which means "be ready to spend a lot" and as soon as you stop using them, you lose all the benefits you might have gained.
Women spend, on average, $ 37.457 on wrinkle-reducing treatments over their lifetime (source: Daily Mail 10.10.11). Wow! That makes a lot! Multiply this number by the number of women around the world who are 30+, I understand why the cosmetics industry is doing so well.
Recently, a new miracle product has entered the market. Its name is Nanoblur. Since it has been released, it has been number 1 of the sales charts in 22 countries!
A few quick facts on this cream that are given on the website:
- Works in 40 seconds
- Reduces signs of age by up to 10 years
- Non-oily, fragrance free
- Suitable for all skin types
All that for only $19. It might be worth it to give it a try and judge by ourselves.
I have not tried the cream yet. I will should the opportunity arise.
Here is the link to the website if you want to know more about it: http://www.indeedlabs.com/nanoblur/